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Evidence points to the Kuhlenschmidt family having its origins in either the Lippe or Hanover region of Germany. As far as is known five different individuals or groups emigrated from Germany. The first family members moved to the Netherlands in the 1700's and changed the name to Koelensmid.

Subsequent family members emigrated to the United States in the 1800's. Evidence exists that points to family members emigrating to South America during the 1930's. The most recent emigration was to Canada from Germany in the 1960's.

For years members of the family have speculated about the meaning of the name Kuhlenschmidt. There was some thought that the name came from a smith that worked with cooling or cooled metals. Another more recent though involved the translation of the word Kuhle in high German as a pit smith.

Through the magic of email, Richard Kuhlenschmidt of the Cleveland, Ohio Kuhlenschmidt's has established a definite tie with Herbert Kuhlenschmidt of Germany. Herbert sent this explanation of the origins of the name Kuhlenschmidt.

"The name Kuhlenschmidt emerged as follows: The Kuhlenschmidt's it had a long time ago in Wimmer a smith in the vicinity of a 'Kuhle' (Kuhle= a little water or pool). Our Vorfahre therefore by the people the smith was named at
Kuhlenschmidt Farm
the Kuhle; from that in the course of time, the name Kuhlenschmidt became. The place where the smiths stood, is yet confesssed today. A Kuhle was used in earlier times in order to prepare Flachs (flax) for the processing. Out of Flachs, dresses were produced."

Wimmer is located in the region of Hannover, Germany. Hannover is near to the region of Lippe.