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On June 28, 1944 a Curt Wagner wrote to Walter Kuhlenschmidt of Germany about his knowledge of Kuhlenschmidts in South America. A translated copy of that letter follows:

"...end 1930 I have seen in LaPaz, Bolivia a man named Ernesto Kuhlenschmidt. Later on middle 1931 I have seen him back in Tucaman, Argentina. He was visiting family in Argentina, perhaps his sister. He was
at that time 38-42 years of age. As far as I know, a family named Kuhlenschmidt should have lived in or around Esperanza, Humbold, Rafela, and La Provincia de Santa Fe. I have heard the name Kuhlenschmidt many times over there. Maybe El Banco Aleman in Buenos Aires, Republica Argentinia or the same bank in La Paz, Bolivia can tell you more about this family."

A member of the Dutch Koelensmid family tried to contact possible Kuhlenschmidt family members in Bolivia, but was not successful.