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The Kuhlenschmidt Family had its origins in Germany. Each of the branches records a variety of different towns as being the birthplace of their ancestors. Among the villages, towns, or cities mentioned are: Hamburg (Canada), Berlin (New Jersey), Alverdissen (Netherlands), Kalldorf and Langenholzhausen, Lippe (Indiana), and Wimmer, Hanover (Ohio).

After World War II members of the Evansville, Indiana branch of Kuhlenschmidt's were not aware of the existence of any Kuhlenschmidts remaining in Germany. Then, in 1974, a perusal of German phone books revealed ten names split between Berlin and Hamburg. There were four Kuhlenschmidts in Berlin, Heinz, Horst, Petra, and Rolf. Contact was made with one and the information was provided that the Berlin Kuhlenschmidts were older and had no children. Hamburg's directory had six names. These Kuhlenschmidts are the siblings and other relatives of Roland Kuhlenschmidt of Canada
Left - Heinrich and Elsabein Kuhlenschmidt (1915)