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The Kuhlenschmidts in Evansville are descended from Freidrich (1820-1872) and Amelia (1819-1884) Kuhlenschmidt. The couple emigrated sometime in the late 1840's to the Evansville area. Freidrich first operated a brewery in Mt. Vernon, Indiana. The family moved on to Evansville where they operated a restaurant, grocery, and rooming house at the present location of the Evansville Union Railroad Station, 300 Fulton Street. They then moved to German Township in the Kasson community where they operated a farm. Freidrich and Amelia are buried at Zoar (Kasson) U.C.C. cemetary.

Friedrich's parents were Johannes Freidrich Conrad Heuer (1792-1854) and Christina Maria Liemensick Kuhlenschmidt (1792-1866). It was the custom at the time in the Kalldorf area of Lippe for family names to go with the property. We surmise that when Freidrich married the widow Kuhlenschmidt his name was changed to match the house and small property she held. Their children are listed in German church birth records as Kuhlenschmidts.

A family reunion has been held in conjunction with the Deisinger and Hartig families in McCutcheonville, Indiana (northeast side of Evansville) the first Sunday in August of each year